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Updating and Older System

Q. How do I add new devices to an old system?
A. Adding new devices to an older, legacy system makes good business sense. With the high cost of maintaining and repairing older scanners, rugged, reliable CipherLab scanners and mobile computers can help extend the useful life of your legacy backend systems.

Your local system integrator or value added reseller can analyze and evaluate your existing system to integrate new CipherLab devices into your current processes, legacy hardware, and software. CipherLab engineers created Power Suite tools to make integrating CipherLab devices fast and easy.
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Q. Can I replace Telxon equipment without rebuilding my entire system
A. Yes. CipherLab designed the 8021 and 8320 mobile computers with an acoustic modem specifically so you can extend the life of your legacy systems that depend on aging Telxon equipment. Adding CipherLab mobile computers with built in acoustic modems means your customers can work with familiar hardware, and you can continue to use your existing servers and software. The 8021 and 8320 are only available in North America at this time.
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Q. How do I justify the investment of an updated system?
A. Updating a system can be a costly investment, so it needs to return your investment in an acceptable amount of time. But, what should you consider when trying to model your return on investment (ROI)? Updating a system should offer financial incentives from either new functionality or reduced overhead expense.
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More efficient processes from added features

More efficient processes can reduce the cost of your operations and/or accelerate your time to sale and time to money. CipherLab scanners and mobile computers offer a range of advanced features designed into each device. They make it safe and comfortable for employees to use the devices over long hours and to add efficiency to your processes, so you can work smarter and faster. For example, CipherLab offers BT scanners that help customers check out faster.

The 8000 series of mobile computers with wireless LAN put powerful mobile computing into the pockets of busy, remote workers, such as clerks, nurses. These users can instantly access critical information on the go, yet easily carry the device with them. CipherLab designs its devices with a wide range of rich features for different types of users, so there is a CipherLab solution for every need.

Reduced repairs and downtime

Higher equipment reliability and fewer repairs, plus reduced costs to maintain and/or repair the equipment, means you spend less on equipment to run your business. Reliability metrics are usually measured in terms of length of warranty, typical cost of repair or replacement, a high mean time between failures (MTBF), and a low mean time to repair (MTTR).

CipherLab is well known for designing the most rugged devices in the industry. All our products are thoroughly tested for shock resistance (drop and tumble tests) and ingress protection. Plus they are designed to work in the harshest weather and internal environments. You can expect long life from our products and CipherLab's commitment to your satisfaction.

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